Innovating to success

Technology has changed the way order fulfillment providers run their operations. And these days. a business without the benefits of technology is destined to struggle or fail. Foxtep is using technology to innovate and improve the supply chain industry, as well as the pocketbooks of business clients domestically and internationally.

Business owners who want help getting their products to the marketplace are looking for an order fulfillment providers with all the innovative tools necessary for their success. Foxtep, which is owned by BRTP Solutions, LLC, is leveraging technology and implementing other innovations throughout its operation.

Saving time and money

The company employs the latest technology and creates software and approaches to save business clients time and money. Technological advancements at the company include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Neural Net, which give business clients the advantage in the market they want to dominate.

Foxtep “utilizes technology and cutting-edge tools so our customers can stay ahead in the game. We experiment, research and develop new standards, so you don’t have to be a part of any uncertainty,” the company states on its website at

Red Stag Fulfillment, eFulfillment Service, and Fulfillify all use innovations to boost business. Here are some of the differences innovations among these order fulfillment providers.

Red Stag Fulfillment innovations include:

  • Proprietary cloud-based system (RSF OPS)
  • Mobile-friendly monitoring and reporting
  • Error-proof systems and processes
  • Inventory and order tracking
  • Unique barcodes for each item, location, product, and order
  • Integration with video-monitoring system

eFulfillment Service innovations include:

  • Web-based order fulfillment software
  • Software integration with shopping cart for free
  • Fulfillment Control Panel offers real-time reporting and current overview of SKU counts, orders, shipments, tracking.
  • Customized automatic tracking emails and alerts clients
  • Order fulfillment technology
  • Inventory monitoring and ordering

Fulfillify innovations include:

  • Mobile-first responsive technology
  • An in-house quality system based on 5S principles and Six Sigma standards
  • Four strategically located fulfillment centers
  • Integrated warehouses
    Automatic order fulfillment from the closest warehouse
  • Proprietary warehouse management system

Foxtep list of innovations include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Allows the company to accurately forecast future supply, demand based on past data. The technology generates business analytics and helps our customers make informed decisions. And AI streamlines business operation, locating bottleneck, eliminating roadblock and coming up with more effective solutions.
  • Technology: Deal with logistics issues, monitor warehouse, manage inventory, forecast demand and supply. Systems also alert you when there are issues. It exponentially increases workforce productivity and can automate a host of processes.
  • Neural Net: Enables the company to reduce delivery times as well as streamline other order fulfillment processes.

Picking a business partner

Selecting the right order fulfillment company to work with is a decision any business client must make. There are many concerns to consider. Before making the call, however, you should ask questions about goals, compatibility, business philosophy and see if you will be comfortable working with that order fulfillment provider. You should also find out if the company can continue to meet evolving business needs.

We believe that Foxtep is a partner with all the innovative tools. You must be sure you can work with that service provider and that they can help propel your venture to the next level.