All That You Must Know About Pallet Changers

A pallet changer is one of the essential pieces of equipment used for businesses needing to replace or swap pallets any broken pallets, or securely remove goods received from any shipment. If you are working in an industrial warehouse, then you may need to change your pallets when you need a new pallet.

Nowadays, several manufacturers are dealing with palettenwechsler (English Meaning pallet changer) that can be used for material handling purposes mostly in warehouses or any production line.

Advanced stationary pallet Inverter

The stationary side mover pallet changer is the most opted for pallet turner or changer system, which clasps 2 sides of the stack, then moves it onto any recently placed pallet over to the other side. It could change or shift more than 50 pallets per hour.

Such a pallet changer can handle almost 300 pounds and would never turn over invert, tilt your stack. In its place, this machine will shift the load to the side so that one pallet can easily be replaced with another.

By using this, you can handle any product. And the best part is, it can load and unload at floor level with the pallet jacks. After that, pressure is safely and firmly applied to both sides of the shipment to ensure that it will remain stable and secure. One pallet can also be swapped for another at the same time.

One of the well-known manufacturers of various material handling equipment is dealing with the following few pallet inverters. Let us look at their features.

180º pallet inverter (SC Series)

This pallet inverter can offer a faster, easier way to rotatable switch or can transfer loads and replace any broken pallets.

  • Freestanding 180º Inverter having single clamping plate
  • Trouble-free load transfer from and to plastic or wooden pallet, rental pallet or slip sheet
  • Quick, efficient removal of any broken or damaged product
  • Significant reduction in back injuries
  • Can easily be transported and loaded by forklifts
  • Control options range from standard lever controls to any fully
  • automated systems
  • A wide range of machine guarding is also available

180º pallet inverter (DC Series)

The DC Series pallet inverter can offer an easier, faster way to rotate, transfer, or switch loads and replace broken pallets.

  • Freestanding 180º inverter having dual clamping chain balanced plates for handling a greater range of short and tall product
  • Loading ramp (Optional) for pallet jack entry
  • Can be transported and loaded by using a forklift
  • Control systems are broadly available in standard pendant and completely automated systems, and one can choose as per their requirements.
  • Simple load transfer from plastic to wooden pallet, rental pallet or slip sheet
  • Ideally suitable for inbound load transfers where many different types of products can be handled like boxes, drums, pails, packaging material, etc.

180º pallet inverter (GL Series)

It allows pallet truck entry for very fast easy product inversion and load transfers

  • Dual-clamping chain-balanced plates can travel pass to the surface of a floor
  • Control options from standard pendant control to fully automated systems
  • Compact footprint suitable for staging areas near production areas, clean rooms, or where forklift use is prohibited
  • Convenient load transfer of hygienic in-house pallets and plastic ones
  • Hassle free transportation with rear fork pockets
  • The adjustable clamping pressure can prevent crushing boxes and bags