7 Secrets to successfully complete a customs brokerage process

International business can often get complicated due to various steps and processes involved. These are mandatory to follow as these rules are set by the foreign country. Thus, it is essential to clear the formalities for a smooth transport process of goods. Hiring a customs broker to smoothly complete the process would be a wise decision.

Due to the complexity the customs process may sometimes look frustrating or stressful. However, by following certain tips and tricks, you can smooth down the process and cut down the time. Our article has tips shared by expert customs brokers from reputed organizations.

7 tips to successfully complete a customs brokerage process in Canada:

  1. Switch to digital process for customs clearance. Time has changed and thus, you must look for ways that will help you shorten time and cost on travel. Digital technologies make it convenient for document submission, tracking of shipment, and manage other formalities associated with customs.
  2. Be punctual in following the process. If you wish to enjoy a smooth and stress-free customs clearance, it would be wise to be clear, concise, and punctual. Review all the documents before submitting these.
  3. Understand the goods allowed for import and export to foreign land. If any goods require special attention, you must know the process of shipment accordingly. Also make note of goods prohibited in foreign land. A few examples include drugs, toxic substances, alcohol, weapons, etc…
  4. Complete the documentation and don’t leave anything incomplete. Completed documents and duly filled forms can make you win the customs clearance and enjoy import and export business with minimal stress. Take support of a customs broker if you are unsure of documentation.
  5. Verify the documents before submitting it to the customs. It will help you trace any unintentional mistakes and rectify it before submission. Hiring a broker can help you skip this step as they are highly unlikely to make any mistakes in form filling and documentation.
  6. Declare all goods on time. Arrange a few free samples to declare your goods and help the customs to inspect the goods properly. Free samples also involve the same process of customs clearance and are subject to duties as well as taxes.
  7. Take responsibility as a genuine businessman. Be patient and let the customs office perform the process properly. Take all efforts to complete customs rules or let a good customs broker from help you with the same.